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The day of protests began on April 6th, 2017. By May 27th the total number of deceased reached 60 Venezuelan civilians. The marches have been continuous and it has come to estimate between 1 or 2 deaths daily since then.

About 13,000 injured and more than 1,500 Venezuelans have been prosecuted by law. Among the injured and persecuted are countless Venezuelan and foreigner graphic reporters, journalists and cameramen, professionals who along with the marchers, risk their lives with every encounter on Venezuela streets.

From 1999 to nowadays, there has been 283,366 Venezuelans who have died, compared to 188,268 who have also died in the rest of the world due to terrorist attacks in the same period.

Pacific protest is a right, no one should die for doing it.

Precisely because of the current situation and the persecution that we live in Venezuela the developers and artists of this game have decided not to reveal their identity.

We want peace, justice and freedom.

We want a different future.

Install instructions

Download the .zip file, unzip and execute the game.


Realidad Revelada 103 MB
Realidad Revelada 119 MB


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tremendo trabajo con los sprites

Great work

This game shows what REALLY HAPPEN in VENEZUELA. I made video to provide a bigger audience and awareness for the people.